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Nubbins On Your Nuts: What You Should Know About Tunica Cysts

February 9, 2019

Andrew Siegel MD    2/9/2019


Image of testes and its tunics (covering sheaths) from Gray’s Anatomy (public domain)

The tunica albuginea is the dense fibrous sheath that surrounds, covers and protects the delicate contents of each testicle. The tunica albuginea is surrounded by a second layer, the tunica vaginalis. Benign cystic masses may arise from either tunic.

Cysts originating from the tunica albuginea are the most common benign masses that originate external to the testicle. They are small, firm, irregular, plaque-like nubbins located on the surface of the testes ranging from 2-5 mm in size.  They are often described as feeling like a “grain of rice.” They are most often found  on the upper front or upper side aspect of the testicle. In most cases they are minimally symptomatic and are discovered incidentally by the patient, who is typically around 40 years of age.

These cysts can cause a great deal of concern and worry because of the fear of testes cancer, but they are distinguished from testes cancer by being cystic (not solid) and on the outer surface of the testes as opposed to being within the testes.  Ultrasonography is the imaging study of choice for evaluating testicular masses and can differentiate cystic, benign masses from solid, malignant masses.

On ultrasound the tunica albuginea can be seen as a 2-layered echogenic (containing lots of echoes) structure surrounding the testicle and the cyst as a small, regular fluid-filled structure abutting the surface of the testicle (see below).  On occasion, a tunica cyst may calcify. Microscopically, they are seen to contain fluid and cellular debris.  Although these cysts can be surgically excised, it is only rarely necessary to do so because ultrasound can reliably confirm their benign diagnosis.


Tunica albuginea cyst on ultrasound
       (cyst is black oval structure)

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